Solutions Inspired by nature

Breakthrough innovations in product design and industry applications are often rooted in biological patterns that have existed for eons.


Companies have taken note and are actively looking for ways to emulate nature’s best solutions. Many soon discover that biological patterns are not necessarily easy to spot and can be even harder to apply.

That’s where PatternFox can help.

As experts in the field of biologically inspired design (BID), we’ve developed a unique and systematic process to finding and applying design patterns found in nature. Our approach has been applied countless times over the past ten years, addressing mechanical, material and systems engineering problems.

As a result, our team has lead the way to concrete biological solutions as diverse as impact absorption in NASA’s return-to-earth vehicles and fluid transport in a basic baby diaper.

Jump Start Innovation

Knowing where to start with BID can be daunting for even the most advanced R&D teams. PatternFox guides clients through every step necessary to effectively embrace biologically inspired design:

Thorough evaluation of the problem

Conceptual design and quantification

Prototyping and research development

We train your organization to carry-out BID projects on your own, and provide the advisors and experts to support you if things get thorny.