Case Studies

Case Studies in Bio-Inspired Design

PatternFox consultants have worked with a number of companies over the years, helping them apply the principle of bio-inspired design and develop internal capabilities to ensure success.

Personal Care Products Company

The team at a Fortune 500 multinational personal care products company was stuck. They were already practitioners of biologically-inspired design, but they didn’t know how to move their efforts forward to the next step. Partnering with PatternFox got them over the hump.

We created a dual-focus project, integrating Design and Path-to-Prototype work. Our experts guided the client team through our process from soup to nuts. As a result, they were able to develop two new lines of funded research for product innovation. We continue to work with this client on an ongoing basis.

NASA’s Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)

The NESC team brought us in as part of a creativity team for an intense 5-day innovation workshop, targeting a diverse array of more than 40 NASA engineering experts, astronauts and medical professionals. Our goal, enhance group creativity and develop a robust solution to handle a land-based landing of the return-to-earth vehicle.

The lessons related to biologically inspired design ranked most effective for changing everyday thinking among the other techniques introduced. Additionally, a biologically inspired invention designed during this workshop was also funded for proof-of-concept. 

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