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Biologically Inspired Design for Industry: An Evolving Practice,”
– PatternFox was featured in this 2017 webinar for the Industry Research Institute.


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burdock seed burrs

The ability of burrs on Burdock seeds to stick to almost anything inspired the hook and loop concept behind Velcro®.


Self-cleaning paint, glass and other materials are based on the dirt-repelling properties of the Lotus leaf, reducing the need for harmful cleaners and detergents.

The Shinkansen Bullet Train was designed using principles of votex shedding in owl feathers to reduce noise, and by leveraging the aerodynamic properties of the Kingfisher beak to dampen pressure waves as the train enters a tunnel. Together, these innovations allow the train to travel more quietly and 10% faster while using 15% less electricity.

The bumps on Humpback Whale fins have inspired more aerodynamic blades for wind turbines and aircraft wings.

Sharklet Technologies used the anti-bacterial properties of sharkskin as a model for synthetic materials that deter colonization by certain disease-causing microbes.