What makes a good BID project?

So, you have a problem, and you need a solution.  You heard about biologically inspired design (BID) at a recent conference, and while it has piqued your interest, you’re not exactly sure it’s the right approach for your particular challenge.  How do you know if you have a “good” BID problem? As a PatternFox Co-founder,…

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Deep Biologically Inspired Design: Overcoming Skepticism and Driving IP Creation

Proponents of biologically inspired design (a.k.a. bionics, biomimetics, nature-inspired design, etc.) suggest that the method holds great promise for innovative design, often with emphasis on sustainability. Successful designs range widely across domains, including novel nanoscale materials, more sustainable “green” chemistry, high performing mechanical systems and sensors, waste minimizing infrastructure ecosystems, and more efficient and robust…

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