We solve thorny design challenges
with elegant solutions inspired by nature.

Bio-Inspired Innovation for Industry


Focused on a specific biologically inspired solution, we assess feasibility and develop a research plan to evolve from idea to prototype.

Lean Bio-Inspired Design℠

Our engineering, biology and design experts transfer knowledge and accelerate time to prototype, ensuring your success.

Training and Workshops

From a basic overview to a deep dive, learn to apply bio-inspired design tools and methods in your organization.

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    Get to Know Us

    PatternFoxSM specializes in helping corporate design and research teams
    successfully adopt biologically inspired design.

    With more than a decade of experience with biologically inspired design, we offer clients:
    A team with vast biological knowledge and insight, anchored by Prof. Jeannette Yen and Prof. Marc Weissburg.
    Access to a network of cutting-edge scientists at renowned labs around the world.
    Proven design methods developed by leading international experts in the application of biologically inspired design.

    The PatternFox team

    Dr. Michael Helms, Cognitive Science

    Dr. Michael Helms
    Cognitive Science

    Katie Mencke, Engineering and Sustainability

     Katie Mencke
    Engineering and Sustainability

    Dr. James Blumling
    Bioengineering and Quantitative Analysis

    Prof. Jeannette Yen
    Professor of Oceanography

    Prof. Marc Weissburg Professor of Evolutionary Biology

    Prof. Marc Weissburg
    Professor of Evolutionary Biology

    Check out our webinars for the Innovation Research Insterchange:

    Biologically Inspired Design for Industry: An Evolving Practice (Feb 3, 2017)

    Ecological Network Analysis to Optimize Business (June 27, 2018)

    Below are some of the people and labs we work with to make our clients successful.

    Craig Tovey
    Professor and Stewart Faculty Fellow
    School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech

    Vladimir Tsukruk
    Regents' Professor,
    Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering

    Jason Nadler
    Adjunct Professor,
    Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering


    Victor Breedveld
    Associate Professor and Robert Moeller Faculty Fellow,
    Georgia Tech School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

    Dr. Douglas Fudge
    Associate Professor,
    Chapman University Schmid College of Science and Technology

    Denise DeLuca
    Co-Founder and Director
    BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation
    PatternFox brings a notably unique blend of biologists, engineers, and business experts, all with deep experience in bio-inspired design. Their approach is as pragmatic and results-oriented as it is inspired and inspiring.
     – Denise DeLuca

    PatternFox fosters strong relationships with their industry partners and helped bridge our research capabilities and industry interests.

     – Jason Nadler